Thursday, October 26, 2006

What's The Difference?

Hi there, how are you? Well, I hope. I'm finding myself a bit reflective today, perhaps it's the turn of the season to Fall (which I love), or any number of other things that makes my mind ponder this and that. Regardless, I find myself thinking about all the years I have invested in my faith in God. In particular, Jesus Christ...yes, I am a christian. Maybe you share that belief, and if you don't I'd love to have coffee with you and discuss it, but it's not imparitive to this blog.

No, my thinking is more along the lines of what difference does faith make in your life? Or is it merely another component of your personality, like being a Leo or Virgo. Does it change your life or do you still struggle with the same issues as those who have no faith? I've heard christians say that of course we still struggle with the same issues, but our reward is in heaven when we die. And while I believe eternity in the presence of God will certainly be rewarding, I happen to know that this life should be different as well. Jesus said so.

He said things like, "I have overcome this world." "I have come that you may have abudant life." And, "the kingdom of God is at hand." My take on those and other statements isn't a future tense, but a present reality. One that makes each day here different. I'm challenging you today to examine your faith, does it make a difference in your life? Really? Does it make a difference in others' lives?

While you're pondering that, check out this article written by a friend of mine called "What's a Christian". It tells of some great differences that his faith has made. I pray today that your faith becomes something that literally changes your life. Change - like different than before. Oh yeah, and a great way to know if does or not is to ask someone who knows you, of course you have to be willing to listen. Here's to different days ahead......


Thursday, October 19, 2006


Can you feel it? The chill in the air, the leaves of the trees beginning to change color, major league baseball entering the playoffs and Halloween right around the corner? Fall is here, and I for one love it. It happens to be my favorite time of year. I associate many of my fondest memories with Fall, with the best being marrying my wife some 19 years ago.

But the point of this blog isn't about me or my fond memories, not even Fall. No, it's about the endless rhythm of change in our lives. The changing of seasons is simply another reminder that this rhythm of change is constant. I guess knowing that leaves me perplexed as to why the majority of people don't embrace change. Something I read recently said that nearly 80% of us either view change with caution or reject it completely. Why would we do that when it's obvious that it's occurring everywhere all the time?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this life is about change. The figure above leaves me with a feeling that nearly 80% of us are missing out on great things coming or at least arriving late to the party. I encourage you to CHANGE your viewpoint. Join in the rhythm and dance! Enjoy the ripples in your life that require you to adapt, learn and grow. And perhaps when we find ourselves at the end of our time we would find ourselves weary from the dance instead of the daily grind.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

And So It Begins

Remember those stories about machines taking over the world that we used to hear when we were growing up? Please read the following story from the Associated Press:

The average American home now has more television sets than people--a threshold crossed within the past two years, according to Nielsen Media Research. There are 2.73 TV sets in the typical home and 2.55 people, the researchers said. In the average home, a television set is turned on for more than a third of the day--eight hours, 14 minutes, Nielsen said. That's an hour more than it was a decade ago. Most of that extra TV viewing is coming outside of prime time, where TV's are on only four minutes more than they were 10 years ago. The average person watches four hours, 35 minutes of television each day, Nielsen said. (Associated Press)

Clearly, it has begun. And while you're laughing, take a quick count in your home...It's true isn't it? The TV's in my home took over just this year when one of my daughters went to college. She didn't take her TV from her room, no, she bought another one for the dorm thus tipping the numbers in the TV's favor in my home. My family is outnumbered, I fear for our safety.

I'm not exactly sure what the implications of this are , though I'm sure they are deep and profound and should be causing us as a society to plan a strategy against this uprising. It's clear that the intentions of the TV's are nothing short of total domination. We need to mobilize, organize.....

Then again, maybe we just need to rediscover the joy of conversation with others, the beauty of sunsets and fresh air (where you can find it), and just unplug a few of those nasty old TV's. I'll let you know how this works out.


Monday, October 09, 2006


In honor of Columbus Day, I submit the following:

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it..." That's the opening sentence of Psalm 24 in the Bible and I happen to believe it. I don't always live like I believe it, but it's true. I mean, most days I'm ticked at the government or gas prices for taking more of MY money. I have thoughts about MY home, MY kids, MY job, etc. I could add infinitely to this list, but I'll save you the pain, I'm sure you have your own. The truth is, I don't have anything.

I found myself at a conference in Atlanta last week where the first speaker on the first day reminded me of this fact with his very first sentence. And I knew that's what God had sent me there to hear. Oh sure, I heard plenty more, and it was all good; but that was the word for me. Not a new discovery for me, but certainly a reminder.

Perhaps though, it's a new discovery for you. Do you find yourself in knots or stressing over the things and people of this world encroaching on YOUR time, YOUR money, YOUR rights, etc.? "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it..." That one sentence alone is freeing for me this morning. This life I find myself living isn't even mine, it belongs to God Almighty, I just get to enjoy it. I believe I'll thank Him for it and enjoy it a little more.