Thursday, February 22, 2007


The word deconstruction doesn’t often produce good thoughts in folks. I believe most people think of it as demolition, which is something completely different. Demolition is destruction or demolishing of something. Think wrecking balls turning houses to splinters or buildings to dust. Deconstruction is the examination of something such as a theory or system, in order to discover its flaws, often to develop a new and better theory or system.

With the advent of the electronic age, we are living in time of deconstruction. For example, just ask record companies. I’m sure you’ve heard their lament that the internet is ruining the recording industry. And while piracy is a problem, the explosion of new, unheard talent that we now have access to, is a good thing. The technology has allowed us, the public, to have access to this talent and then decide on our own if it’s worth our hard earned money. This is what’s been born from the deconstruction of a system that put those decisions in the hands of a few executives in past decades. Before we only heard what “they” deemed worthy, now we can decide on our own.

The same thing is taking place with the publishing industry as well; this blog is a result of such deconstruction. I can publish my thoughts and writings without the approval of a large publishing house. You decide if you want to spend your time reading it. And while I could use more money in my life, which those publishing companies may or may not get me, I place a higher value on the time you spend here. By the way, there's a new link on the right that will take you a list of other "Christ minded" blogs, check 'em out.

Jesus was in the business of deconstruction. Through Him, we all have access to God’s mercy, grace and love. We don’t have to have the blessing or approval of any church or system. They are the place we can experience relationship with other believers, which is something God wants for us, but we don’t have to do “it” their way to know and possess the love of God.

I hope that is something you’ll take the time to investigate. You make the call, is it worth your time and effort. I know for me, God in my life makes my life worth something. For all the skills and talents I may possess, it is the one thing that I have to offer someone that can change their life. May you know it as well.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Post Valentine's Day Post

I admit, the day after Valentine’s Day isn’t your typical time to post a blog about it. But if you’ve read this blog at all, you know that I don’t have a high regard for the way us in the west, particularly America commercialize anything and everything that might make a dollar. So what’s the point today you ask?

I would imagine that there is a large percentage of the American population today that is actually glad it’s the day after Valentine’s Day. For them, it’s simply a reminder that there isn’t presently someone to love in their life right now. I mean, isn’t that the hype? “Get ‘this or that’ for the ‘someone special’ in your life.” You know, chocolate, diamonds, flowers, lingerie, teddy bears, etc., etc. What does any of that really have to do with love anyway? Most of what we express as love is totally selfish anyway. A couple examples: “I love_____because they make me feel good”, or, “they accept me for who I am”. There is a payoff implied for the one who loves and it comes at the expense of the one loved. Hardly a romantic picture, huh?

Consider the origin of love. The Creator God makes man and woman and causes in their hearts a feeling of longing and caring for one another; a pure desire to simply share the moments of life and give themselves to each other unselfishly. Along the way, things get fuzzy, man and woman get selfish and start demanding of one another, and questioning their Creator to the point of doing things that break one another’s trust as well as God’s. The relationship(s) are so broken now and far removed from their original intent that God, out of pure love, takes drastic action: sends His own Son to take all responsibility for all the brokenness. Why? So that the relationships can be restored. It’s that simple, there is no payoff for the One loving, or no debt owed by the one loved. That’s real love, and we would do good to strive for that in our relationships.

I’m not a holiday Scrooge, really. I’m all for the celebration and the remembering of good things and good times. But I don’t consider the buying of affection, or being made to feel guilty or left out because I don’t participate a good time. It’s simple consumerism at the expense of love in this case.

Love is so simple, yet because of our selfishness, so hard to do. Here’s a broad-brush statement, but one I mean with all sincerity because I know God: I love each of you even when I don’t know you. You are invaluable to this spinning mass in space we occupy and your worth is untold. Because God loves you, so do I.
And just think, you didn’t even have to buy me chocolates or lingerie to hear that! Now, all together….Thank God!!!