Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Floor Is Yours

Good day to you. Just a really quick post today about the pace of things in my world. Furious is the word that comes to mind. I can honestly say that I am busier at this point and time than I can remember being in a long while.

That’s not a bad thing, so far. The stuff that I’m running to keep up with is all of my own scheduling and planning. But in the midst of it, I find myself thinking at times that if one more “fire” starts that I need to put out it’ll throw everything else off kilter. Of course that isn’t the case, but the feeling begins creeping in from time to time.

For me, that’s a signal to do a couple things. The first is rest. I need a solid eight hours of sleep every night, if I don’t get it feels like I’m always behind, operating at a deficit if you will. The second is rallying the troops. My troops are my family, and I’ve found over the years that when things get crazy, a good way to de-stress is spend time with the ones I love and who love me the most. Doesn’t have to be planned or something we go do, just hanging and being close does the job.

So, with that in mind here’s the plan. I leave town next week for a week long conference. When I return it’s “troop” time and down time for me. That means this blog won’t see an update for awhile. I hope that doesn’t stop the discussion that has begun from the previous posts. I’ve had some great comments and thoughts come my way concerning them. I encourage you to keep chewing on and wrestling with the notion that God is so much bigger (and different) than any religion you’ve ever experienced, and worship service you ever attended, and anything you’ve EVER read about Him.

I’ll keep checking in, and should a profound thought assault me, I’ll share. Until then, the floor is yours.



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