Thursday, March 20, 2008


I never know what brings people to this blog. I do know that I am grateful for the many folks who have subscribed to it; that for some reason like to read and comment on my thoughts. But I also know that I have many readers and get comments from folks who just “happen” across these pages. Maybe it was a search engine that brought them here or a link from another website. Regardless, as I type I envision each of you (I know – that sounds totally weird). But it’s more like having a conversation – I’m sharing what’s on my mind and hope that you will do the same.

So here’s what’s on my mind today…Easter. I’m curious as to what that means for you. Oddly, I’ve found that it’s a lot of different things to most everyone. I guess all of life really is. You can take the exact same “thing” and have as many different views of it as you have people. That’s the very thing I try to get at with this blog – “here’s my experience, what’s yours?”

For me, Easter is a time of remembering mostly. Because of my faith, it’s a time to remember the hope I have in Jesus. I’ve stated before that I’m a “hope junkie”, its fuel for me. If I have hope, I can conquer the world! The hope I remember at Easter is the resurrection of Jesus. He was actually seen by people after his death, and promised that there’s something beyond death for me too. And that jives with this feeling I have inside that there is more to life than what I see and experience. So I have hope.

It’s also a time of remembering family. I have fond memories of family gatherings and activities at Easter that make me smile; some from growing up and some from my own children. This particular Easter is unusually close to spring break, so I’m enjoying my kids at home for awhile before they head back to school. Some of these memories are warm and fuzzy like the whole family snuggling in bed before we go see if the Easter Bunny left a basket.. Some are hilarious remembering Easter egg hunts that ended in tears because “I didn’t find as many eggs!” or not finding all the eggs that got hidden until days later. Some are bittersweet remembering loved ones who aren’t alive anymore. Good times, good memories.

I am also not immune to the “pressures” of Easter. Even though my kids are pretty much grown up, shouldn’t I at least get them a chocolate bunny or some Peeps?! Funny, my mother actually still sends my kids candy through the mail at Easter! And of course I’m expected to attend church on Easter Sunday, right?! (Added humor here because I actually work at a church!) What about a new outfit?! An Easter bonnet?! Oh, the humanity!!!!

What is Easter for you? I think I’ll stick with remembering this year. And for you, I pray that you too will have hope and fond memories. But if you do get yourself a snappy new outfit, I’d love to see it! Happy Easter everyone.



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