Friday, September 26, 2008

The Same Ol', Same Ol'

Hey there! Back after an extended hiatus and glad to be blogging again. I hope that the last couple months were kind to you and that you are well. I’ll let you define that. In my last entry, I stated that when something arrested my thoughts I would share here…well, here I am.

What’s going on in my mind has been there for a long time, but certain events have once again brought it to the forefront. You see, I have this theory – let me restate that – it’s much more than a theory, it’s a truth about human nature that I’ve watched play out over and over again in my lifetime. What I’m talking about is this:

When we don’t know what to do, we do what we’ve always done.

Think about it, let it sink in, and let me explain. We actually share this behavior with other creatures in this world. Cows, given acres and acres to graze on will wear thin paths from one point to another as they move in single file day after day. Birds fly the same migratory routes year after year. Sea life behaves in much the same way, which is why an industry can be made from fishing, we have learned their patterns. These are but a few examples that lean more toward a natural behavior; but when it comes to the human race, this behavior can be troublesome.

It’s being played out right now in Washington with the proposal of the financial bailout that we are hearing about. The powers that be don’t know what to do, so they are proposing doing the exact thing that led to this mess in the first place! Not to get too political but, the proposed “bailout” of our “financial system” is really the bailout of a banking industry that got greedy. Is giving them more money really the answer? I know this could be a topic of it’s own, but let’s stay on point.

Here’s another example: I am employed by a church, and it’s a known fact that is statistically proven that the American church is in decline. That means that less people than ever are attending and it’s been a trend for some time now; we’re talking a looonnng time. And in the face of this, the church (and yes, I’m lumping them all together) continues to do the same thing over and over. Not only that, but it regularly condemns movements of freshness that attempt to infuse new life into the “system” and continues in the same direction. Having been at this for some time now, I’ve seen the church (plural institution) “recognize” the problem and lament it’s consequences, but I’ve yet to see a course correction. Now let me make it perfectly clear that I’m talking here about the “institution” of religion, not the Spirit-filled lives of believers that Jesus referred to as the church – the gates of hell can’t stop that!

And finally, let’s make it really personal. As I’ve shared before, I am a former drug addict. Over 21 years ago, I was a daily drug abuser who couldn’t stop. Regardless of how bad my life got, and how sick of myself I was, I didn’t know how to end it. And so, day after day, I did what I’d always done. This tendency of ours leads to countless people, maybe even you, getting stuck in destructive behaviors that ruin lives. Drugs, drinking, sexual abuse, gambling, smoking, verbal abuse, lying, stealing, anxiety, depression, physical abuse, obesity and on and on. And for many it continues day in and day out because we simply don’t know what else to do.

So I challenge you to take a look around, can you spot this behavior taking place in your world? Now look inward, are you stuck? If so, let me tell you what changed my situation over 21 years ago – Jesus. I simply cried out one day that if He was alive, like I had heard He was, and if He loved me like I heard He did – then I needed His help. He helped me and He’ll help you. And maybe you already know Him but are in a situation where decisions are made to keep the status quo rather than rise above it; if so He cares about that too. Call out to Him, ask Him for direction – but then listen and be bold enough to move in that direction!

Never again will I be satisfied with the same ol’, same ol’ in my life, Jesus didn’t change my life for that. What about you?


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