Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today’s blog is simple and revolves around one word – VOTE. I’m not endorsing any party, any candidate or any politics, I’m just saying VOTE.

VOTE – it is your right. And why, in a country that is known for it’s freedoms, would people neglect that right and in essence be enslaved to those that did vote?

VOTE – it is your voice. Sure, you can protest in the streets or picket the White House but at the end of the day – has anything changed?

You’ve read of my beliefs in this blog and may wonder how they line up with this voting process. Well here you go – I am called to be salt and light in the world wherever I am, to constantly point to my Maker in my actions, words and deeds. I live in America, the process here is voting. I will enter that process and vote today, I hope you will too.



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