Thursday, September 14, 2006


Life is about movement. Take yourself for example. Upon conception the movement began, and thank God for it because I’m thinking single celled people walking around wouldn’t be pretty. But movement was required to even grow legs! Cell multiplication is movement. Babies continue to grow (movement) into children who learn and become adults who continue to age until death when apparently the movement stops. I don’t believe that, but that’s another topic for another blog.

Another example is this crazy technology we’re surrounded by. Just this week, the hard drive (think computers here) turned 50. You can read all the wonderful details here: Hard Drive . Why has the hard drive progressed? Why has any man-made technology progressed and changed from its inception? Movement. It’s necessary.

Okay, once again, I’m writing about change; but I’m referring to it as movement. Why? Well, some folks view the word change in a negative context; I thought movement might sit better with some of you. Some folks call it progress while others bemoan anything new or different. Regardless of the spin you choose to put on it, it’s inevitable. While the Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun (I believe this to be true concerning human nature), this world is ever changing. Clothes, cars, any technology for that matter, etc., etc., etc. By the way, I may propose to accept change and see myself as a change advocate; but in the matter of my property taxes – I don't!!!

So if you’ve bought into this notion that movement is happening all the time around us, have you considered your options. Here they are as I see them:

  1. Dig in heels, resist change and be passed by. Usually resulting in a bitter outlook.
  2. Embrace any and all change. Usually resulting in a “things are out of my control” feeling.
  3. Survey the landscape, view changes as opportunities, choose which ones serve you (after all, it’s your life), and position yourself to leverage those changes for your benefit. Usually resulting in a more grounded, “I’m a participant and not a victim” mentality.

I’m recommending #3 by the way. Take a moment today, or in the days to come to try and identify the movement in your life. It’s all around but perhaps you’ve never viewed it as such. Decide which stream is good for you and jump in. Enjoy the ride.



At 2:59 PM, Blogger Jennifer Coomer said...

Wow, I needed this today! I'm considering a very big "movement" right now. Thanks Tom!


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