Thursday, July 27, 2006


Oh my God!!! And a few other choice phrases come to mind when dealing with car dealers. That's been a part of my week, the wifey and I are in process of down-sizing a bit in the transportation department which has had us at several dealerships looking, haggling, walking away, etc. Which has left me with this simple truth: Car dealers have earned their reputation, you know, the not-so-good one?

Now I'm not casting this shadow on all individual salespeople, I'm sure there are plenty that I wouldn't mind spending a whole day with, I have yet to find them though. But it's the system they've created. I mean, where else on the entire planet do people do business this way?

Show interest in product, inquire about price and get several suggestions about options, but no solid figure. Let's talk about a payment, what amount can you afford? Well, what about this amount? (higher than what you just told them, of course) Well, let's look at another vehicle. (even though you're not interested in another vehicle) And then, you're left sitting at a desk while your salesperson leaves for a back room somewhere only to return offering you a deal that doesn't look anything like what you've been discussing for the last hour and a half. Rinse and repeat several times. That's been my experience every trip of the train. Who thought of this? On what planet is this system embraced and thought well of? Enough ranting, I feel better.

However, it has brought to mind something my friend Jesus said. Historians and Theologians call it the "Sermon On The Mount". Also referred to as the "Beatitudes", but basically, Jesus was giving a short course in life.....sort of "Life 101". And as He's going along He starts talking about people taking oaths and swearing by this and that, and He says to stop doing that. A better idea, He suggests, is to simply "Let your 'Yes be Yes' and 'No be No'." In other words, just do what you say you're going to do. Sounds simple, huh? Why is that so hard for most of the world? And why is it so difficult for car salesmen, in particular? (just sayin'...)

I believe it has to do with all of us being broken and needing Jesus to repair that brokenness, I know that from personal experience, not something I read. But imagine the possibilities of people simply meaning what they say. The implications are profound.

So today I say to you, and to Mr. Car Dealer, simply say what you mean and do what you say. That alone will make this world, at least your corner of it, a much better place.



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