Sunday, July 02, 2006

May I Help You?

This photo had me wondering.....

Did the mouse ask for help? Does the frog mind?

Apparently this was snapped during flooding in Lucknow, India. Not mortal enemies or anything, but certainly a pair not known for hanging out together. But there it is. Probably not a big deal for the frog, but life changing for the mouse, eh?

Which led to my next thought.....

Who can we help?



At 1:46 PM, Blogger BFFBeLinda said...

Just so you know, some frogs do eat maybe he's just saving him for later...

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Linda said...

Okay, here's the deal. This picture reminds me of something we learn when we join twelve step programs. The Big Book says "we are people who would not ordinarily mix." I'm pretty sure the mouse and frog fit into this category.

I also find it terribly amusing. Just think -- probably minutes or seconds before this picture was snapped, the mouse was probably standing on his hind legs yelling for someone, anyone to help him. The frog presented an opportunity, and the mouse took it. I can hear our friend, the mouse, saying "whoa! dude! did you see what just happened here?" (He says it in a combined Cheech and Chong voice.)

I am deeply curious as to what happened to our daring duo. Did the frog carry the mouse to safety? Did he suddenly decide to start swimming underwater, which would lead to the death of Mr. Mouse? We don't know.We only know what we see in the picture.

So in answer to your question regarding those we should help, I believe we are bound to help anyone who needs it.

"We are people who would not ordinarily mix."

It may be that we're called to help people who are not from our socio-economic class. Maybe we feel prejudice towards various races, does that exclude them from our offers of help? No.

I think we should go out in blind faith, just as the mouse did when the frog swam by, and grab hold of whatever we need to help our fellows.

And really, we don't know what happens after we meet a fellow traveler in need. We only have the one picture. We don't need to know anymore. I think all we should ask is "did I do the Lord's will today?"

Adios, Beat Man,



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