Monday, June 26, 2006

Welcome Fellow Traveler

So, here it is. After a solid year, I begin anew my foray into self-published views on life. You see, I'm no stranger to this medium, only it's delivery I suppose. Some six years ago, I published a weekly email newsletter that reached subscribers of nearly 300. Web-posted journals have come and gone, mostly due to the demands on my life at the time. And as life is prone to do, the ebb and tide now affords me time for sharing, observing, commenting and otherwise pontificating (not-so-much) about the things that make up my life and the path I'm following through it.

Knowing how life can be, my only promise is an update once a week. Who knows, this blog may become more prolific in it's updating, but I really hope that the time between posts will be time that you share your thoughts and comments. I believe that due to the shear number of oxygen consuming humans on this planet, shared experiences, hopes and feelings are more common than we let on. It's those commonalities, as well as the differences that I hope to discover along the way.

So here's the frame of reference of my views: American male, married with children. A love for God, music and life. We can unpack those down the road. Thanks for joining me.


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