Friday, June 30, 2006


Friends are good to have. I have 2 I consider most precious. My best friend, I left sleeping in bed this morning, her golden hair falling softly across her face and the rhythm of her breathing soft and blissful. Even there, her beauty captivates me. My wife desreves all the awards one could think of, including a purple heart for the times I've wounded her, but especially one for her friendship.

My other "best" friend is my guitar, any one of them. I don't know if I can adequately explain this relationship, but I'll give it a shot. Companion would be a good place to start, just knowing it's close is comforting, and here's why. For the majority of my life now, I've made my living with my guitar. Sure there have been times when "other" work was necessary to make ends meet, but it wasn't my friends fault. So a common feeling when me and my friend are together is one of accomplishment, there's a job to do and together we'll "git 'er done!"

Another feeling, and perhaps the one that began the relationship is one of voice. Like no other, this friend has the ability to give voice to my innermost thoughts without words. If you listen, you can get a glimpse into my very soul through the music I play when I'm alone. My best friend - my wife - has learned that, and I appreciate the way she listens. Along with that comes the ability to "take me away". It's easy to get "miles away" with my friend, even in the most crowded, hectic situations. (That goes for both of them!)

So this morning I pray for you that you too have a friend or two like these I've been blessed with. May your friends captivate and comfort you. May they make your work light and your play enjoyable. May they love you for you.



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