Friday, August 11, 2006

Patience or Preparation

I must confess that I wrote this yesterday but due to technical difficulties it never got posted. In fact I'm having to recreate it from what I remember. My writing style is "stream of consciousness", and once it's out there, recapturing it may prove difficult....I'll do my best.

Here's the thought I was having - I know some folks who I'm watching go through change in their life. They can see a glimpse of the future, what it may hold, etc.; but it hasn't come to pass yet. Many get frustrated with the lack of detail on how to get from "here to there", others find an odd comfort in a place of "patience", simply waiting on things to change.

I'd like to suggest that either response is lacking. What if the time between a glimpse of the future and the time it comes to pass is intentional? What if, in the bigger picture, it was meant to be that way? What if that time was for your benefit? I speak from experience here, I happen to know that unresolved frustration can lead to anger, an emotion that is often more destructive than constructive. And why would anyone want to be patient? I mean, isn't that the word they use for sick people? I jest...but just a little.

Try this: prepare. If you have a view, dim or otherwise, of what's facing you - why not use the interim time to prepare? Position yourself to take full advantage of what's coming. Simply stated, be ready when it arrives. Frustration will lead you to digging in your heels, resisting change. Patience will leave you surprised by the change when it comes. Only preparation will make the transition merely a stepping stone along your path of life.

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. The constant in this relationship has been change, and I don't always get all the details up front! But I have learned that I usually get a sense of the direction we're heading and I have time to prepare for our arrival. The journey, or preparation is seldom easy, but it's so worthwhile. In fact, discomfort is often a sign of movement. And remember, you can't follow anyone without moving.

So whatever you're facing, and we're all facing something, we have a choice. What's yours?



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