Friday, September 21, 2007

Dream On

Greetings blog friends! News of my demise has been greatly exaggerated – to quote someone famous, but I am feeling much better. And as of yesterday all my doctors have given me the “all clear” to resume some activities I’ve had to restrict while recovering such as taking walks, playing tennis, mowing the grass, etc. Some of those activities I’ve looked forward to more than others, but regardless, it’s good to get back to “normal”.

I’ve started reading a book by one of my favorite authors, Erwin McManus. He ranks as one of my favorites because his books always speak to our humanity and it’s connectedness to God, which pretty much sums up my belief system. Anyway, the book is called “Soul Cravings” and it’s written in a journal entry style that allows the reader to take it in small bites (a good thing). I won’t give you the whole synopsis of the book, you’ll just have to trust me that it’s good or click the link and check it out.

A particular entry got me going the other day that I wanted to share with you. It’s about the part of our nature that enables, or perhaps causes us to dream beyond our present reality. It’s that “something” that cause an infant to pull itself up on its feet to walk and dare to take a step when all it’s ever known is crawling. Or what is that makes children believe they can become Olympic athletes, firemen, astronauts, or anything beyond what they experience as reality? Listen to McManus:

“All of us long to be something more than we are. We are driven to achieve, moved to accomplish, fueled by ambition. It burns hotter in some than in others, but it is within all of us. We’re all searching for our unique purpose, our divine destiny, or simply a sense of significance or some measure of success. When we are optimistic about the future, we find the energy to create it”.
“We may disagree violently about what success is; we may even change our own minds about what makes our lives actually significant. But all of us are united in our desperate attempt to make a future for ourselves. We all desperately want to achieve something, to accomplish something; we just don’t know what. Worse than that, we don’t even understand why. Yet that doesn’t stop us from searching.”
“All of us have dreams. More than that, all of us need dreams. Some of us sadly are just sleeping through them.”

Every one of us held a dream that was beyond our reality at some point in our lives, I believe our Creator – God, places them in us. Some of us are fortunate enough to still be pursuing those dreams but far too many of us are asleep. We begin living in “reality” and are lulled into merely existing instead of living. I believe with all my heart (new and improved, by the way) that real living – the kind God intended for us involves moving towards those dreams.

I close with this encouragement…

wake up.



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