Thursday, June 21, 2007

You Matter

To be known is the cry of many a heart. In our western culture we call it celebrity. We consider people famous for achievements that are ultimately petty and meaningless. But even those of us who will never see our names in a headline or mentioned around a water cooler have an inner need that longs for recognition.

The need be recognized and affirmed that one matters haunts so many and drives us to behavior that oftentimes resembles a train wreck. Sometimes in very public ways that cause others to scratch their heads and ask, “What were they thinking?” Most often though, it’s subtle and goes unnoticed by much of society as we put in the extra effort and hours working for employers who never seem to notice, leaving loved ones at home wondering if they matter to us. Or tie ourselves in emotional knots trying to prove our “goodness” to parents who never learned how to affirm us. This need, this desire, this void in all of us can be insidious, and cause frustration in our lives.

I have good news for all of us. We do matter and we are important. So much so, that the One who created us saw our deepest need – the need for salvation and eternal life – and died to give it to us. And He wants to tell us every day how much He loves us, if we’ll listen. Take time today to stop, step off the path you’ve been running on, and listen for His voice. It may not be something you hear with your ears, but deep within your soul, you will know it’s Him. God loves us with a love we cannot understand or comprehend. It isn’t conditional, it doesn’t keep a record of our mistakes and it never ends.

I’m praying for you today to know that love. To know how much you matter to Him.

I’m rather fond of you too, in my human-bound, finite understanding of it all. ;o)



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