Friday, March 30, 2007


I'm watching it rain again today. In my corner of the world, which is usually very dry, it's been raining quite a bit over the last week to ten days. And you wouldn't believe how the plant life is responding. If it was dry enough, I would have to mow about every 3-4 days to keep my lawn looking "normal". Because it's wet, it looks a little bushy. The trees are getting leaves so fast I swear you can hear them growing. Flowers are following suit and of course, so are the weeds. Life is breaking out everywhere you look. And it's caused me to ponder....shocking, huh?

In a place where it's normally pretty dry, keeping up with mowing the grass isn't usually an issue. But a little rain, which is a life giving substance for plants, has changed the landscape for now. It's green and growing, where most of the time it's a more brownish hue without the help of a sprinkler system. Life for me is like that too.

Over the years, I have found myself in places of growth and in places of needing a "sprinler system" just to maintain. It's important for me to recognize the situation I'm in and make adjustments in order to keep growing, which happens to be a goal of mine. And because it's not as simple as "raindrops falling on my head", I have to know the difference between those things that give me life and those things that drain it.

One of the life giving things in my life is my family; to be able to give and receive love with my wife and children makes me feel alive. Friends are another important part of life for me. Now I don't have a bunch of really close friends, but the few I do have are important to me, and much like my family - the giving and receiving that friendship offers is important. Next is an outlet for my passions and talents. I consider myself very fortunate that my job affords me the opportunity to utilize and share certain talents I have and pursue those passions that I've carried all my life. There are other, more trivial things that enregize me from time to time such as camping, a great meal, etc.; but I think you get the idea.

The draining things in my life come in the form of stress, fatigue, hopelessness, etc. The hard part is identifying those things in my life that lead to those feelings. Example: trying to love and support a family member (which if you remember, is life giving to me) that won't receive or reciprocate that love and support. That situation becomes stressful and hopeless and fatigues me after some time. A job can, from time to time, be a draining situation; and for many it's that way on a regualr basis!

The point I'm trying to make today is that it's really important for us to find a little "rain" in our lives, it's a good thing, it gives life and nourishment. Find it and dance in it because it won't last forever. Just like the weather, it comes and goes. But if we become self-aware enough to seperate the life-giving from the life-draining, we can make adjustments along the way that make our days full and meaningful. I had planned to mow my yard today but it's raining...I wonder if I can talk my wife into dancing instead?



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