Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate the time you spend here. My thoughts today should resonate in some way with you because I believe we all have this commonality. The sameness I’m speaking of is in the wondering where I (you) fit into the vastness of the cosmos. We are part of a planet that is shared by 6.7 billion other people. Look at this number: 6,725,170,264, which is constantly growing by the way. I thought it looked even more impressive that way rather than the word billion behind a single number or two. And I think we can all agree on the fact that life occurs in animal and plants and such, and then my mind by default goes to asking, “Why?”

Before you think I’m about to discuss or debate creationism, evolutionism, or any other –ism, let me calm your fears…I’m not. I think you know my personal beliefs, which by the way, don’t give me answers to all the questions my mind can come up with; but they do resonate in my heart of hearts and allow me to pursue life from a perspective I am unashamed of and confident in. No debate, remember – I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind with this forum, I just want to share the journey of life. I simply want to engage your mind, and if you’ll allow – your spirit as well. What answers, or maybe better stated – thoughts, do you come up with when you ponder the vastness and your role?

While I enjoy my solitude and the few times I’m able to “get away from it all”, I’m really into today’s technology that allows me to be connected with others wherever I find myself. As I type, I can hear my instant messenger notifying me of friends coming and going. I took another friend to the airport today to catch a flight that will take him across the state, but I can talk with him right now if I choose by cell phone. (As I was typing, said friend IM'd me and we had a great chat!) The internet and this forum allow me to communicate with people around the world and share ideas and thoughts with anyone, anytime. I find that cool.

More than cool, I find it essential to my beliefs. The one person I believe in the most said I should love God and love others. (That was Jesus by the way) While I’m not always successful, I make an honest effort to do both well. In order to do that I have to know those I’m loving. In God’s case I seek Him with all my heart, I read the bible, among other writings, and talk with Him often in prayer. I listen and watch for how He’s speaking to me, and while it would really be cool if we could email and IM, our communication is working.

The same holds true for others, and this is the part of the vastness that I can get my mind around: I really believe that I need the other 6.7 billion people I share this planet with. Now there’s no way I’ll ever be able to connect with all of you, but each of us has something to offer one another, something that will enrich other lives if shared. It could be a word, a smile, a gesture at first; it could develop into the sharing of ideas and hopes and dreams and life itself.

For all the answers I don’t have about life, I’m certain it’s meant to be shared…the good, the bad, all of it. What else can 6.7 billion people do with one another? History reveals that we aren’t very good at it though. Many times we have no room in our view of the world for those that might be different, which leads to some of the most horrible scenes from the past.

So I encourage you today to ponder your part, and it is just a part after all, in the big picture.



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