Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year (Late)

Hey there...Happy New Year! Okay, so I'm ten days late, but it turns out Blogger was updating and tinkering with the system so I couldn't get in to post. I hope your new year is off to a good start - I was talking with someone yesterday and when I asked them how the new year was treating them they replied, "It hasn't been long enough for me to do any harm!" I understood completely.

So, are you like most people who see this as a new beginning, or opportunity to start fresh? I don't know what got me thinking along these lines, but I'm curious as to why we do that. Why do we mark time? With calendars, with watches, etc.? I understand seasons and such as it relates to preparing for the weather and all, but as a whole, people are very hung up on time. I'm even guilty of it myself, I often think in terms of having only so much time to get something done or accomplish something. Where am I going with this, you may ask...

God isn't concerned with time. I doubt He has a watch or even a sun dial. No, His view is eternal - forever, there is no end. And He's promised that for us as well. The more I ponder this, the less concerned I am about time. Each day becomes an adventure, an opportunity, an experience. I think that's what God has in mind for us in this life - a succesion of days and years (our terms) that hold the promise of newness and fullness and awe and wonder. When was the last time you felt any of that?! It's available, I know that. The question is - "Are we in tune with it?" Sadly, many days I'm not. But the hope of trying again after a night's rest is worth the effort.

So, a New Year's wish for you: May you walk in the wonder of this life. May each waking moment, and even your dreams, give you glimpses of your Creator's intent for your existence. May you come to know the truth of His love and walk in the immeasurable joy He has for you.



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